You are still a teenager
A beautiful gem
Unique in your kind
A branch from my stem

My wonderful princess
with amazing eyes
that shine like the stars
when you smile or cry

You were hurt by those
who should love you more
but you have survived
and have gotten strong

Your wounds will be healed
with the divine balm
that inspired through ages
hymns, praises and psalms

Lessons have been learned
More are yet to come
Your courageous spirit
all will overcome

You will understand
that love will surround you
forever and ever
since it’s real and true

You will understand
that love is in you
Because God is love
and you are love’s fruit

You will understand
what life is about
It’s all about giving
and enjoying the sprout

It’s all about walking
daily, step by step
Incredible journey
to grow and to prep

May you always be free
of chains, angst and fears
May you walk and strive…
help those far and near

May you confront evil
with justice and truth
May you speak with words
that hard hearts can sooth

May you know you’re valued
May you know your worth
Whenever you fall
may you rise again

May you walk convinced
knowing where you are headed
May you trust and know
in Him you are embedded

You’re a sacred blessing…
I thank one more time
‘cause you bring me joy…
‘cause you’re filled with life

You’re precious and special
You’re one out of three
You’re my only daughter
You’re always in me


July 1, 2015