And Jesus said, A certain man had two sons.

Luke 15:11


The Prodigal son;  El hijo pródigo;  ESpíritu en Movimiento;  Maritza Mészáros;  The Face of Jesus Christ;  Archibald G. Brown;




We write of a story the Master told

of a man who had two sons

A story that ages will not wear out

that made an old father ran




The older son had never thought

beyond the farm his father owned

The younger son…son only in name..

wanted to leave his father’s home


He asked his father for his portion

He wanted to get away

He started his downward path

There is not much more to say


He had no joy with his father

Now he was free from restraint

He could now have a “good time”

No need to become a “saint”…


Oh Jesus! You are just amazing…

With little You say so much…

Let´s continue with Your story

that so many hearts can touch


He dissipated his fortune

He scattered it all abroad

Reckless, riotous, careless life

The world does not care a jot


The world is not a great place

when you’re ruined and without money

Your former friends are not there

to provide your milk and honey


As long as you’ve got to give

and while you’re able to treat

You will have plenty of friends

that with you will eat and drink


But when resources are gone

and you start to be in want

you will learn about deception,

loneliness and how few grant


And when you’re among the pigs

thinking how low you have come

your thought of your Father’s home

will fill more than the bread crumb


You will come back to yourself

Your memory will wake up

Repentance is saving grace

that will fill again the cup


No remorse…Just change of mind

“I will arise” and go home

And he arose and he went

He was tired of being alone


His father who saw him coming

had compassion of his son

So much time with so much silence

and now his son was a man


The father was not ashamed

of the son that had been dead

He ran to greet him and kiss him

and his son to his home led


The older son was also tested

and he proved his sinful heart

not sharing his father´s joy

for the return and new start



The younger son recognized

to his father he had sinned

and his father simply loved him

Let us jointly sing the hymn


“A love that waits to welcome us

when from our sins we return,

whose depth and height are infinite,

whose fillness none can learn”


God is waiting at the gate

to welcome and treat us all

Let’s arise and let’s go home

regardless of where we fall


February 23, 2013

11:00 a.m.