Chapter I

She had always been an optimist and she had always trusted God.  Life had been quite easy because she had always taken the best of each moment.  When the circumstances had been adverse, she had learned to let the winds blow the clouds away and to wait for the beautiful sunshine that she knew would shine again… when she heard screams she would go to her room and cover herself up with her blankets and she would fall asleep.  The next day things always looked better.  However, this time it seemed like she might not be able to cover herself or to wait for the brighter day.

She remembered that day in the fall, many years ago, when she was driving and she felt sad because the trees were losing their leaves …She remembered clearly how she had thought that the trees would look like naked sticks once they had lost all of their leaves.  She had imagined them freezing and suffering the merciless cold.  She had been able to recover her positive attitude by deciding to sing daily a short song thanking God every day and by reading the Bible.  She recalled the words of the song she used to sing in the small balcony, looking at the trees that had made her conscious of the sadness that was fillling her spirit … “Thank You God, thank You God, thank You God… Thank You God, thank You God, thank You God, for all Your mercies, for all Your blessings, for all Your goodness to me!”  That short song had worked wonders at that time.

This time, it was different.  Her whole world had been turned upside down… everything she believed in was crumbling to the floor.  Her most treasured blessings had been taken away from her and she felt impotent, hurt by a mortal wound and extremely sad.

She felt like darkness had surrounded her and like there was nothing that she could do to reach the light again.

While she was thinking about this, she started crying… she had cried so many times recently… she cried like if the tears would never end… they flowed with a lot of force and she did not try to stop them.  She was by herself anyways… In the midst of all of this, though, she knew she was not really by herself.  The truth was she was never by herself and she was aware of it.

She had had an amazing experience just some months before and she could now, once again, when she was about to despair , feel the peace that surpassed all understanding… it definitely surpassed hers…

She thanked God while she dried her tears.   She could feel His Spirit comforting her… it was as if when she thought she could not bear the pain any longer… then, miraculously, it would disappear… As she sat in her studio, with the painting her friend had given her, she started writing another poem.  It flowed again, like the previous ones and as the new day started, she was once again surprised when she finished, to realize that there were no mistakes and that the rhyme was quite impressive for someone who had no knowledge of poetry… She started another poem and she finished it in around twenty minutes.  Then, she went to sleep thanking God again for all of His blessings.