Half brother of Jesus,

and brother of James

He salutes all Christians

and Jude is his name


And he felt the urge

of writing right then

about the false teachings

and about false men


Woe to those who crept in unnoticed

and have slipped into the church

They have distorted God´s grace

They do not try to research


They rely on their own dreams

They think that they know it all

Disobeying God´s written word

They are greedy and they fall


Who are these false teachers?

What do they pretend?

To confuse? To stir?

What do they intend?


Blemishes at Your communion

So much arrogance walks by them

May we always identify

what´s the root and what´s the stem


They attract all the attention

and they want it to be so

They just think about themselves

from their heads right to their toes


They eat with you without qualm

They are clouds, but with no rain

They are like waves of the sea

foaming up their pain…no shame


They have no fear of authority

and they are like Autumn trees

They are uprooted…twice dead…

and their fruits noone can see


They follow corrupt desire

that from sinful nature comes

They are like wondering stars

No right path…they do not sum


They are grumblers and faultfinders

and they seek evil desire

They flatter to take advantage

and not because they admire


They boast of gifts they don´t give

because the giver is God

He is the Maker, the Creator

He is our Saviour and our Lord


If you are a Christian leader

may you Christianity show

in every word, in your path

may truth and love through you flow




May 6th  2012

11.00 am UCC