God is in our hearts

May our greetings be

powerful and loving

May He shine through Thee


May we persevere

and be patien too,

build our Christian character

and just follow You


Our behavior should

reflect love and light

Love that´s pure, unselfish…

Light that´s clear  and bright


Let´s remember always

to follow Your truth

The only one that heals

and that our souls sooth


May we never follow

unholy, unforgiving

lovers of themselves,

sinners in their living


Fakers and misleaders,

abusive and proud,

ungrateful, and heartless,

arrogant and loud


Building ourselves up,

changing souls and hearts,

You guide us and give us

a fresh and new start


May our faith be strong,

immaculate, pure

May we know Your word

and always be sure


May we know You are

always in control,

in the midst of thunders…

even when we fall…


May Your will be done

May we trust in You,

in Your Holy Spirit

and in Jesus too


May we remain always

immersed in Your love,

in darkness, in valleys,

and when life is tough


May we share our faith

and always expect

Your announced return

with love and respect


Merciful to those

who in their faith are weak

Snatching them from fire,

let us help them seek


Mercy joined with fear

covered with Your Spirit

to fight evil beings

that harm and that twist


Our lives may we give

to You, Mighty God,

truthful, loving, glorious,

Father, Savious, Lord.



May 20, 2012

11.15 a.m.  UCC

Jude 17-25