Cruz con palabras describiendo a Jesús;  Espíritu en Movimiento;  Maritza Mészáros;The officers answered, Never man spake like this man.

John 7:46


Passover was in the Spring

Tabernacles in the Fall

Happiest and merriest feasts

when the harvests were in…all



Barley harvest and wheat harvest

Vintage harvest from the grave-yards

The nation desired to extol

The goodness of God as safeguard


Holy merriment, rejoicing

Praises to God everywhere

While You´re brethren sent You off

not believing who You were


From Galilee to Judea

they had asked You to depart

for the disciples to see

the works of Your word and heart


You mingled with the throngs quietly

and in the midst of the Feast

You went up into the temple

and You taught, to say the least


In Jerusalem the news

went around like a wildfire

and the people all flock there

to fill up their heart’s desire


Almighty grasp of the truth

wonderful power…such a grip…

People became overawed

with every word from Your lips


Could greater signs be ever given

if the Messiah were to come?

Even those who came to arrest You

by Your word were overcome


Captivated, fascinated,

they go back with empty hands

They too are thirsty and need water

“Never man spake like this man”


You spoke like no man could speak…

ought to speak…would dare to speak…

No man could ever so spake…

You were strong and we were weak


Officers of Pharisees

and the woman of Samaria

they believed because they heard

and they knew You were no “paria”


You said You were the Messiah

and You were the bread of life

Your Father worked hitherto

and You worked right by His side


You said there would be no hunger

for those who cometh to You

You said there would be no thirst

for those who believeth too


You demanded faith on Thee

and the more they sought to kill You

You said You were Son of God

and His work on earth You would do


They thought they were being faithful

They were carrying out the law

You had blasphemed unto death

even though there was no flaw


Whom do ye say that I am?

You asked Your disciples one day

Peter said “Thou art the Christ”

You blessed him for what he said


Before Abraham You were

and to many You declared

the Son of God was who talketh

You showed them how much You cared


You said that those of the truth

would be able to hear Your voice

Speak Your word. Oh Mighty King,

while we praise You and rejoice!


Jesus, You were crucified

because You claimed to be God

Pilate found no fault in You

They killed You based on their law


You spoke like no man could speak

and You knew Your time was coming

The dead one day shall come forth

Tremendous claim for those running


One day You will come again

but now in power and great glory

No man ever spake like You

We will bow and hear the story!


February 23, 2013

11:30 a.m.