So many things

I´ve seen, Oh Lord,

and I´ve been wounded

by the sword

So much hipocresy

using Your name

So many people

searching for fame

Innocent people

used for a purpose

Human desires,

irony and curses

May I find peace

where there is war

May I feel close

when I am far

May I see Light

in the midst of darkness

May I feel healthy

where there is madness

God, You´re so good

Thanks for Your love

I have received

more than enough

Let me be thankful

filled with the Spirit

Doing all in Your name

as You say will fit

Your will for me

I will accept

and I will follow

each night and day

May I give thanks

in all circumstances

and confront fears

facing the chances

May I be obedient

when I hear Your voice

May I just praise You

and always rejoice