When death is at the door, darkness is at sight

No hope…Just fear and lack of light

Anger and bitterness…Just desperation,

fills every heart with deep frustration



May we not live our lives in flesh

We know God´s Spirit in our lives dwells

May we live with divine perception

May we always fight and beat deception


Death into life; Oh, Holy Spirit; You are always moving; when death is at the door;   Espíritu en Movimiento; Maritza Mészáros; poems in English; poetry; worship;


Oh, Holy Spirit!  You are always moving

In times of crisis, give us Your soothing

May You transform death into life

O, breath of God!…Help us to strive



Oh, source of being!  Oh, perfect silence!

Open our eyes…Sink our defiance!

May we live hoping with faith in You

May we trust knowing Your love is true


Lexington, SC

April 6, 2014

Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship

During Sermon

9:45 a.m.