Another year has passed…I wrote this poem at Clemson, SC, in September 11,2012, while I was visiting my oldest child, now four years ago…The question is whether as human beings, we grow, we learn and we change…I prayed then, as I prayed in 2001, 15 years ago, as I pray today, for peace in the world, for respect and for dignity.  I firmly believe that love will prevail because God is love, and if God is eternal, love is too.  I am sure that millions  are praying today for God to fill this world with His love and His peace.  I found this wonderful photograph…The symbol of the cross notwithstanding all of the destruction, is an evidence of hope and of our faith.

Ha  pasado otro año…Este poema lo escribí en la Universidad de Clemson, Carolina del Sur, cuando visitaba a mi hijo mayor, hace ya cuatro años…El tiempo pasa…La pregunta es si los seres humanos crecemos, aprendemos y cambiamos, a medida que pasa el tiempo…Oré en aquél momento, igual que oré en el 2001, hace ya 15 años, igual que oro hoy por la paz en el mundo, por el respeto, y por la dignidad. Creo firmemente en que el amor prevalecerá porque Dios es amor, y si Dios es eterno, el amor también lo es. Estoy segura que millones de seres estamos hoy orando para que Dios llene al mundo con Su amor y con Su paz. Encontré hace dos años esta maravillosa fotografía…El símbolo de la cruz a pesar de toda la destrucción, es una muestra de esperanza y de nuestra fe.


September 11…

Sadness and despair

I can feel today

floating in the air…


Evil was let loose

Many lives were taken

It´s hard to believe

how the world was shaken


A beautiful morning

A day just like usual

changed into disaster…

Every event was crucial


In less than one minute,

chaos, surprise and pain…

In less than 1 hour,

thousands lost in vain


Eleven years after,

a white rose I place

right by a nice tree…

on my knees I pray


Cross September 11



May we live content,

with joy and with ease…

May we thank You always…

May we live in peace




May humans be guided

by faith and by Thee

so that extreme hatred

may we never see


May we not forget…

May we always remember

the events that occurred

that day in September


May we search Your Light

so never again

will we face such darkness,

horror and disdain


May you cover those

who suffered a loss

May Your grace and mercy

shower them with Your gloss


September 11, 2001

unforgettable date…

May we learn the lesson

and conquer our fate


Greenville, SC

September 11, 2012