The face of Jesus Christ


2 Corinthians 4:6


Son of God

You died for me…

May I always

worship Thee


Fairer than children of men

Every feature radiates love

Your glory shone from within

even when Your life was tough


So many sorrows and pains…

watching, anxieties, fasting…

Were there marks upon Your face?

Were their footprints everlasting?


So much written of Your weeping

but no record about laughter…

Countenance careworn and haggard

supporting weight like the rafter


A sad face to show the world

all the changes that were needed

Face of character to teach

how for us You´d interceded


Your lips were never compressed

in wasted unholy anger

You faced perils without fear

just like the bravest cliffhanger


Your holy soul never ruffled

by a single sinful thought

Your brow must have never knit

hateful temper…Surely not!


Man of sorrows,

grief´s acquaintance

May we kneel

and find repentance


Face determined,

full of purpose

Wondreous force…

Never pretentious


A face that faced shame and spitting

The face of the Highest Priest

The face of the King of Kings

Our Savior, to say the least


Face then swollen with the blows

Marked with bruises from the strokes

How slandered with shameful insult

Outraged countenance provokes


Your face was shrouded in death

Your face that had been defiled

Hidden there, under a napkin,

inmortal after You died


There were blood-drops tracking down

all caused by that thorny crown

Holy face against which scribes

and high priests then flang their taunts


What did the thief dying fast

see in that face by his side

When he asked to be remembered…

When he trusted without pride…?


Now that face shineth like sun

and You´re sitteth on the throne

I will seek Thy face, Oh Lord!

I will never be alone


Son of God…

You died for me…

May I always

worship Thee



Comfort Suites, Lexington


February 16, 2013


2:00 p.m