Chapter XI

The Head´s of Christ Last Sermon

With the shadow of Gethsemane

Your farewell sermon You preached

A solemn closing discourse

that was by all well received


You started speaking by action

which speaks much louder than words

You washed the disciples feet,

Outpoured wine and broke the bread


Your words were always ship-shape

Each more precious than a pearl

Marvelous eloquency…Methodical speaker…

No intent to whirl or swirl


In view of Your near departure

You spoke while You still were here

You mentioned a meeting place

where there would be no more fear


In the meantime, while on earth,

there would still be sweet communion

By the Spirit we would be

always in a perfect union


The most agonizing loss

would be our most boundless gain

Separation would allow

Your joy to replace our pain


A joy of unswerving trust

A joy of self-sacrifice

The joy of a conscious presence

and obedience with no vice


As the Father had loved You

So You had loved each of us

Abiding in Your love always

each of us would have a plus


Let´s not be depressed and miserable

Let´s be the happiest men

with lives that are filled with joy

every minute…now and then…


Man of Sorrows…broken body…

Gethsemane just ahead

and You still showed us with actions

pouring wine and breaking bread


Perfect love…Perfect obedience

May we rejoice as You did

Keeping always Your commandments

Trusting You while in the grid


You forewarned and You forearmed

knowing all the things to come

You prepared them and You taught them

to be ready and to be numb


Even though the sky was blue

You prepared them for the gale

While the barometer dropped

One by one You took each sail


You taught all those things to come

The world would just love his own

There would be battle and strife

but our spirits would have grown


Rough road and no false pretences

You mapped out the route, Oh Lord

May our hearts never be troubled

following the path You set forth


Expelled from the sinagogues

Criticized, insulted, spitted

And those doing it thought they served You

and they sat where You were sitteth


Instead of stumbling we strengthen

Our faith grows as days go by

In You and not in the world

since the world we will defy


In the world just tribulation

but in You we will find peace

May we always be of good cheer

until the struggle will cease


Rabble band with staves that come

To take You…just like a thief…

Pilates bar and Herod´s court

So much pain and so much grief


Spitting, scourging and nakedness

nailing, hanged up on the cross…

Burnt up like a potherd…claiming

All is gain…nothing is loss


Victory overcomes the world

And it is an inward one

Conscious of Your Father love

Perfect son and perfect Son