On His Heart and Shoulder

Chapter X


ephod; ceremonial law; high priest; espiritu en movimiento;Exodus provides the rules

of the ceremonial law

A divinely ordered ritual

Splendid for those who saw


Significant and majestic

Wondrous service… God ordained…

Nothing left to human taste

Each detail was and remained


After the order of Melchizedek

Jesus´s glory superseded

He who reigns and lives forever

for us all has interceded


Priests, altars, garments of glory,

tabernacle, type and worship

The doctrines of the New Testament

You have all under Your grip


The Spirit designed the ephod

intertwined with threads of gold

Fine-twined linen, front and back

It was made as we were told

ephod; onyx stone; ceremonial law; exodus;  espiritu en movimiento; high priest;



Two parts were linked at the shoulders

On each strap an onyx stone

On each stone six of the stripes

Just like You have on the throne





names of tribes on stones;ephod; ceremonial law; high priest; espiritu en movimiento;


On the front there was a breastplate

with twelve stones… four rows of three

The name of each tribe engraved

on each stone just as on Thee




Round the loins a curious girdle

to keep the names on the heart

Those names linked by golden chains

to the names on shoulder-straps


Aaron, head of the priesthood

wore his garments filled with honor

Glory and power of endless life

Blue, purple and scarlet color


ephod names of tribes on stones;ephod; ceremonial law; high priest; espiritu en movimiento;



Every tribe was on his shoulders

All Israel was on his heart

From the weaker to the youngest

None of them was left apart




All were equally secure

Memorial before the Lord

Every ray of light on Aaron

fell on the names that he bore


As those tribes were on the ephod

We rest on Christ´s head and shoulders

We have no doubt of His power

and our faith keeps getting stronger


In our weakness and our failures

We will neither rise nor drop

We are on His heart and shoulders

and we are part of the crop


His mighty shoulder can bear us

May we have absolute trust

Christ himself is our memorial

May we follow His steps fast