They say that they are Christians
but they  insult and judge
Their words are filled with rage
‘Cause they live in a cage

A cage that does not give them
freedom to think or be
A cage that they have built themselves
that takes away their glee

They talk as if they held Your truth
while they put others down
They can’t see their own fault
Pharisees in the town

They complain and they scream
That others don’t have conscience
They can’t see their own log
and they speak mostly nonsense

Living on mere appearances
they dare to criticize
Instilling hatred and not love
is not the image of Christ

A Christian should not instigate
a child against his parents
If you have ill to talk it’s best
to never share your comments

May Christians be like they should be
Living their lives in peace
May they forgive…may they repent…
May they serve to appease…


August 4, 2015