Times of challenge…

Times of encouragement…

Times of instruction…
Times of discernment…

Partnership in the Gospel

Partnership in God´s grace

May we be like missionaries

and not miss the race


Longing and seeking

to see Your glory,

Paul and the Philippians

have shared their story


Commitment to care

with no vested interest

May we be content

spreading Your zest


May we look for springtime

to blossom and grow

May we give our love…

May our kindness grow


We’re not just hard workers…

We have a great mission

May we bear our fruits

and follow Your vision


Let us not complain

if we don´t have much

Let us give You thanks

Let us feel Your touch


May we just be joyful

as You´ve always meant

May we give You pleasure

and carry Your scent


May we always give more

than we ever received

to those who don´t have

and those who are in need


We will never lack

since You will supply

Your riches and glory

You will justify!


Oh Lord!, You reign

from shore to shore

Jesus, You are

whom we adore!






August 12, 2012

First Presbyterian Church

11:30 a.m.