To My Daughter


I could hug her forever…

It would not be enough…

I could watch her forever…

It would never be much…


I would just smile and wonder

how love can be so deep

I would be by her side

when the road‘s very steep


I would hold her sweet hand

and give her all my strength

I would speak words of wisdom

hoping they would be heard


I would always be patient

waiting with hope and faith

I would have the assurance

that lessons will be learned


I would always be waiting

when I knew she would come

I would cover her wounds

with the best healing balm


I would tell her she’s always

close to her mother’s heart

I would make sure she knows

there can be a new start


I would pray that Your Spirit

her soul will always guide

I would keep her forever

engraved in soul and mind


I would always remind her

that she should never fear

I would teach her a daughter

is to her mother dear




Hillsdale, Michigan

January 15, 2015

10:15 AM