And when the wine failed, the mother of Jesus said unto him, They have no wine.  Jesus said unto her, Woman, what I have to do with thee?  Mine hour is not yet come.

John 2:3 (Revised version)


water into wine

Your glory was manifested

with the beginning of signs,

one of which was to convert

pure water into good wine



Miracles are heaven´s signals

exhibited on the earth

They have innerness of meaning

and they concern Christ himself


They may also concern man

or concern life as a whole

More than your brain to decipher

you should always use your soul


They tell of Your boundless power,

of Your tenderness and love…

Your gentleness and compassion

Nothing hostile…Nothing rough


Life in sorrows…Life in tension…

Disappointments…Lives in need…

All of these were touched by You

while You were planting the seed


Sometimes the result was seen

in an instant…in a second…

Other times it was just gradual…

No need for them to be beckoned


The first wonder You ever wrought

was an act of thoughtful kindness

at a wedding feast at Cana

Cheerful event without sadness


No false pietism…fancied purity…

There was radiance at that home

After thirty quiet years

first sign at a lonely dome


In his first miracle, Moses

turned the water into blood

It was curse instead of blessing

You came to bless, not to blast


You brought joy and You brought peace

turning water into wine

Human joys will be exhausted

Only You can satisfy


Earthly joys are very real

but they don’t go far enough

They may be good while they last

but they don’t match divine love


Not even by Your own mother

were You hastened in Your time

Your hour had not yet come

to perform Your wondrous sign


It is when our heart has drained

its last drop of human gladness

It is then when You intervene

and take away all the madness


When there are no drops to squeeze…

At that point Your hour will chime

It’s only with inspiration

that all the verses will rhyme


When our resources are failing

and we’re waiting for our Lord

the best advice is to do

what Mary the servants told


Do whatsoever He saith

When You hear, trust and obey

Do exactly as He tells You

Based on the strength of Your faith


Even if what You ordain

seems to us to make no sense

May we just trust and obey

looking through another tense


Let’s fill water pots with water

when what we need is  named “wine”

May we be just men and trust

and the sign will be divine


Child of God!  Trust on!  Trust on!

Our Lord is not done with You

He is only trying Your faith

and He is testing You too!


February 21, 2013

7:45 p.m.