Why is it that I cry,

if I know I have You

Why do I feel the pain

if You know what  to do


Why do I let the words

stab me like sharpened knives

Why do I let my feelings

show how I hurt inside


Oh Lord, You know my heart

and You know all my thoughts

Oh Lord, You know I try

to do what Your Son taught


Somehow I am just human…

Weak, fragile and afraid…

Sometimes I just feel tired

and think I´ve lost my strength


But You water my soul

with Your infinite love

and You provide the strength

to continue the path


No more tears for the day!

I will rejoice in You

In all Your mighty blessings

and in all that is true


Evil does not have power

over the soul You freed

which now sours skies and seas

and seeks to spread Your seed


Columbia, January 21, 2014

6:00 p.m.